How a High Tech Company Re-Engineered Their Marketing Efforts into a Demand Generation Engine

The client is in the high tech industry and their marketing communications team wanted to transform itself into a demand generation engine – owning and delivering against opportunity and revenue targets. However, the marketing leaders realized that there were significant issues across their funnel management processes and teams.

The Challenges:

  • Each market runs in silo

  • Database is siloed, across functions and teams

  • Ineffective communication with customers

  • Low visibility to marketing returns

  • Sales and marketing teams are not aligned

Verticurl’s Solution:

The client reached out to Verticurl to be a partner to plan, execute and optimize strategies, processes and campaigns across various components of the lead generation engine. Verticurl team worked on a regional and in-market engagement model to drive close alignment across teams as well as to help localize plans and campaigns based on each team’s requirements:

  1. Set up integrated regional demand center to coordinate and centralize planning across region
    With a regional Demand Center, it allowed marketers to leverage on the learnings, knowledge and best practices from each other. Demand Center also put governance around data and strategy, helped in developing and mapping personas and creating customer journeys.

  2. Operationalize Demand Waterfall
    The Demand Waterfall provides both sales and marketing teams with enhanced visibility into the funnel by clearly defining and measuring each funnel stages and identify areas in the lead management process where we are underperforming.

  3. Enables visibility into marketing and sales funnel
    With proper lead management processes in place, it enables greater visibility into the marketing and sales funnel, thus improving marketing and sales alignment. For instance, sales will provide feedback about the leads they are receiving to the marketers who will then refine the lead qualification process and pass better leads to sales.

Supporting Marketing Technology


  • Internal processes - Standardization of lead definition and SLAs across marketing, tele and sales functions. As a result, Sales and marketing teams are more aligned. Sales acceptance rate has doubled from less than 40% to over 70%

  • Campaign deployment and optimization to improve customer engagement - 2-fold increase in campaign volume with 4-fold increase in campaign engagement metrics

  • Ability to deliver against opportunity targets, and track and optimize through the funnel performance - 8-fold increase in marketing contribution to sales in 3 years

  • Improved funnel performance:

    • 8% increase in Sales Ready Opportunities

    • 293% increase in Sales Qualified Opportunities

    • 114% increase in Sales Acceptance conversion


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