Marketing Maturity: Overcoming 5 Common Roadblocks

One service we offer our clients is a Marketing Maturity Assessment to provide clarity into what’s working, what’s not and how to prioritize areas for improvement. The purpose of the assessment is to set objective goals so that an organization can progress in maturity in all aspects of digital marketing, including data, analytics, and targeting, to name a few.

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Key Takeaways from SiriusDecisions 2018 APAC Summit

The 2nd SiriusDecisions APAC Summit was held recently at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in Singapore on 9 October 2018. Verticurl was a diamond sponsor at the event & we were among an elite community of over 300 B2B Sales, Marketing, and Product Leaders in the region who were there to learn about how to address regional specific challenges with data-driven best practices and hear about new innovations across the B2B space.

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5 Takeaways from the SiriusDecisions New Demand Waterfall Model

The SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall has long been the go-to model for B2B marketers trying to create, manage and optimize their lead management process. Last week, SiriusDecisions unveiled the new and improved version of their waterfall. In some ways, it's an extension of their earlier model and in another way, transformative. Here's our take on what B2B marketers need to know and do about it.

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Marketing Alignment is as Critical as Marketing and Sales Alignment

The issue of reskilling of the marketing team to leverage the Martech-enabled marketing paradigm is a huge area of concern and opportunity for organizations (see Verticurl’s POV on this topic here). Most companies have been unable to handle this issue properly. As Martech moves front and center of most marketing teams, this issue is being manifest in a very interesting way.

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One of the big reasons why Marketing Automation has managed to make marketing more measurable and hence successful, is its ability to provide the “Digital Footprint” of contacts. This has allowed marketers to go beyond looking at just the profile of the prospects and use their behavior to better target their marketing strategies and activities.

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