The concept of account-based marketing has been around since mid-1990s. With increasing advancement in technology, businesses are able to harness the power of scalable individualized B2B marketing and optimize the benefits and efficiency brought by ABM.

                                                                    Key Benefits of ABM



2017 State of ABM Study – Finding #6: ABM programs are expanding from pilots to full programs

ABM is a critical aspect to how B2B companies go about delivering their revenue goals. In recent years, ABM adoption is rapidly accelerating and has gained fast acceptance in B2B industry. In a study done by SiriusDecisions, 2017 State of ABM Study, it was found that 38% of the B2B companies have a pilot or test program and 62% have a full program in place. 

2016 ABM Metrics Report by Bizible and Terminus


While ABM provides significant value, it is not easy to implement. In a poll done by Bizible and Terminus, about one in three marketers said that execution was the most challenging in implementing ABM while measurement was the second most frequently chosen area, with about 30% of the respondents saying it was their biggest challenge.




ABM focuses your sales and marketing resources on a set of target accounts and employs personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each account. Verticurl’s approach to ABM consists of five main steps: Identify Target Accounts, Develop Account Intelligence, Develop Campaign Strategy, Campaign Execution & Reporting and Continuous Optimization.


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