CRM: Business Intelligence

The idea of business intelligence in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to integrate business intelligence with customer behavior and influences. In today’s market, companies market to customers through multiple channels – making customers harder to reach and track than ever before. As a result, analytics and business intelligence play a pivotal role in a comprehensive CRM strategy.

Verticurl can help you execute a strategy that addresses a broad range of functional activities from data mining and statistical analysis to predictive modeling and reporting - leveraging detailed customer-behavior information to best manage relationships for maximum customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention and profitability.

CRM: Lead Management

For sales and marketing, determining how to optimize selling processes to maximize lead conversion is a major challenge in lead management. According to SiriusDecisions, sales disqualifies 70 percent of leads generated by marketing, and 80 percent of those discarded leads end up buying in the next 24 months – often from a competitor.

Verticurl consultants are ready to help you integrate your lead management processes over the long term, offering solutions that increase inbound lead submission by 20% and convert those leads to revenue by:

  • Managing and scoring leads along their lifecycle.

  • Nurturing cold leads by passing them to the call center for nurturing or putting them into a 6-12 month lead nurturing program.

  • Keeping data in sync.

  • Offering closed-loop solutions that better quantify campaign attribution.

  • Provide increased sales visibility and enablement to generate revenue.

  • Manage the demand funnel from top to bottom, discarding fewer leads along the way.

CRM: Strategy & Consulting

A solid demand generation strategy begins with good customer data and close alignment with your company's sales process. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are the foundation of that sales and marketing strategy. But executing on your vision can sometimes be a challenge without years of experience in evaluating, implementing, and customizing CRM applications.

Verticurl consultants offer solutions for CRM projects through:

Vendor Selection

Every CRM application on the market today has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Verticurl's CRM team takes the time to clearly understand your business objectives and can make recommendations on which CRM application most closely meets your sales, marketing, and technology requirements.

Process Review

Verticurl's team interviews key stakeholders in sales, marketing and customer support functions within your company to determine your technology leads.

CRM Implementation and Customization

Regardless of whether your company is planning on implementing CRM for the first time, migrating to a new application, or needs modifications to an existing implementation – Verticurl's certified CRM resources can assist with development at a fraction of the cost you'll find from other providers.


CRM applications are designed to support every business function within your company. A true, end-to-end CRM strategy includes integration to marketing automation, ERP, or other purpose built technologies. Verticurl's CRM team is proficient in integration between applications to maximize your technology investments.

Analytics / Business Intelligence

With deep roots in customer loyalty and analysis of sales & marketing data, the Verticurl CRM team is well suited to perform detailed analysis of your data to map key performance indicators against data from CRM or marketing automation platforms. Services include data modeling, custom dashboard development, and data warehousing.

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