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A quality prospect or customer database forms the backbone of an effective demand generation program. Your investment in a marketing automation platforms can go only so far in the absence of a good data strategy, because the key benefits of marketing automation platforms, such as lead scoring and lead nurturing, can only deliver good results with good data.

While having clean, adequate data to run your marketing campaigns is vital, many marketers struggle with getting such data because they don't possess a prospects database with the right profile attributes. In such cases Verticurl can help in acquiring contacts for specific countries, industries, job roles, etc.

Prospect databases suffer a high attrition rate as people change jobs, roles, email addresses, etc. At the same time, new data – which most likely is not standardized or normalized – continues to come in through web forms, events etc. This is why you need rigorous data management practices that maximize the value of your database for effective demand generation.

Segmentation is perhaps the most powerful technique that a marketer can deploy to improve funnel performance. Segments based on audience personas are ideal but often hampered by the lack of quality profile data. At other times, it is the lack of understanding of buying behavior.

Verticurl takes a holistic view of your database with the understanding that there could be many different types of solutions (strategic and tactical, long-term and immediate, automated and manual solutions) to your data problems.

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