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The B2B sales cycle has changed dramatically in the last few years. It takes longer, involves more people, and most of it is done online before a prospect even talks to a sales representative.

Scale Marketing Operations

For many companies, there simply aren’t enough skilled, certified marketing professionals on staff to fulfill all of the requests for campaign support from global or regional stakeholders. Also, identifying, recruiting, and onboarding new employees can be both expensive and time consuming. Verticurl helps companies scale marketing operations by:

  • Leveraging the world’s largest pool of certified resources to help you quickly scale your marketing operations

  • Taking advantage of a 24 hour a day / 5 day a week operations organization to support your campaign activity anywhere and anytime

  • Adding instant experience to your existing marketing operations team with best practice consultants located in North America, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific

What's a Demand Center

A hub of marketing services, technology, and processes - is a cost-effective solution for creating predictable sales results for the new buying cycle. In fact, according to SiriusDecisions, organizations without a shared service model spent 13-21 percent more on marketing as a percentage of revenue and had lower campaign performance.

Verticurl helps companies centralize all of their demand generation efforts (data management, lead nurturing, lead scoring, telemarketing, and more) to help increase close rates, grow revenue and eliminate wasted costs.

Our demand center services include:

Demand Center Workshop:

We start by conducting in-depth interviews with all key internal stakeholders to identify your top challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Demand Center Strategy & Structure:

After the workshop is completed, the Verticurl team develops the strategy and structure for your organization’s demand center.

Implementation Plan

Based on your workshop, we deliver a detailed implementation plan with timelines and assigned roles and responsibilities.

Ongoing Demand Center Services

Once we build the demand center, Verticurl’s team of experts will provide ongoing services, including campaign execution, lead scoring, lead management, data services and more.

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Did you realize that prospects complete 60% of their research and evaluation of your product or services before they even want to talk with a sales rep?

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