Demand Generation

For some companies there's no shortage of leads filling the top of their sales and marketing funnel. The challenge becomes increasing lead quality and directing only the best leads to your sales force, making continuous testing and efficiency critical to success.

Sometimes a non-biased third party can give your company a fresh perspective on your existing strategy – two heads are always better than one. Verticurl's senior lead generation consultants have defined (and redefined) demand generation processes for clients in multiple industries in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Verticurl's consultants are focused on improving our clients' lead generation activities through:

Lead Scoring Process Review and Refinement:

We'll assist in developing your lead scoring programs from scratch, adjusting existing programs, or monitoring programs to fine-tune over time.

Lead Nurturing Program Design and Development:

Our team will work with you to design lead nurturing programs that deliver the right message at the right time.

A-B Testing and Campaign Improvement:

We'll develop processes and programs for testing multiple offers, creative concepts, design, or content in order to achieve the highest possible results from your campaigns.

Reporting and Analysis:

Using marketing automation technologies and your CRM application, our team can assist with creating campaign reports and make recommendations for improvements moving forward.

Verticurl helps companies drive more demand, accelerate leads in the sales cycle, and convert more opportunities to revenue with a proven global support model that's both effective and affordable. We help you execute, refine, and measure the success of your campaigns through initial ‘hand raise’ through the lead lifecycle. We do this by:

Managing Campaign Definition and Execution Process:

We’ll help you manage campaigns from design through delivery by leveraging a proven campaign framework.

Providing Relevant and Timely Content:

We map content to key milestones in the buying process, specific contact personas, or specific sales objectives.

Aligning Sales and Marketing:

We define and adhere to campaign execution timeframes, agree on lead quality, and develop sales enablement tools.

Measuring Results and Constantly Improving:

We define reporting requirements, analyze campaign results, and provide recommendations on improvement.

Understanding how to identify your target market and develop an effective marketing plan is a vital factor in driving sales, which then drives revenue. Driving sales starts with a creative campaign that fills your funnel with targeted prospects, who you then qualify into leads to focus on the best opportunities.

However, to take it a step further, driving revenue is more than just focusing on qualified leads. Many companies make the mistake of ignoring prospects who don’t qualify, removing them from the campaign and ultimately negatively effecting revenue. According to SiriusDecisions, of the 20 percent of leads that sales reps follow up on, 70 percent are disqualified and 80percent of those disqualified prospects end up buying within the next 24 months – often from a competitor.

Verticurl will help your company manage and measure the success of your marketing campaigns with a combination of art and science, leaving no stone unturned. We make sure your funnel is properly managed to include prospects who lead to revenue. We’ll help you create multi-touch campaigns that provide better intelligence to your sales team. Verticurl gives your funnel a complete makeover from top to bottom by:

  • Creating a multi-touch campaign with messaging that targets your market segment.

  • Increasing the number of inbound leads, with proven results of 20 percent.

  • Enhancing the efficacy of each step in the sales funnel.

  • Overhauling your marketing automation process to recruit new customers and upsell, cross-sell, and resell existing customers

  • Increasing sales productivity by focusing on the generation of more qualified leads.

Pulling together all of the elements necessary to complete an effective marketing campaign can be time consuming and challenging without the right resources. Having walked a mile in our clients’ shoes, Verticurl'steam of consultants have years of experience in designing, producing, and executing multichannel direct marketing campaigns for clients around the globe.

Verticurl's consultants provide end-to-end campaign development services that include:

Strategy Development:

We'll assist in devising a campaign strategy using market research and analysis and recommend the best approach to meeting your demand generation objectives.

List Procurement/Appending:

Working with our partners and affiliates, our team can help you identify new list sources or leverage internal systems to append your existing databases with new data to increase campaign effectiveness.

Creative Development:

Following your existing brand guidelines, our team can produce new creative elements to support your direct marketing campaigns.


We can assist with drafting content and copy supporting your campaigns, and assist with translation services for campaigns targeting multiple countries.

Tactical Execution:

Pulling together all necessary campaign elements, the Verticurl team can execute your multichannel campaigns (both online and offline) combining our full suite of campaign services for maximum effectiveness.

Content is king, and if you are serious about generating leads, then you must be committed to creating great content. In every stage of the lead lifecycle, content plays a critical role. At the top of the funnel, good content develops awareness and drives the initial response. During the sales cycle, relevant content supports your nurturing programs and enables your sales team. Lastly, after you’ve acquired a new client, well-positioned content plays a critical role in retention and cross-sell. Verticurl can help you audit your existing content, identify gaps, map content to the buying process, and manage the production process from beginning to end.

Case Study

Informatica regional marketing generates 34% of revenue.

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