Experience-Driven Commerce

Businesses, whether they are B2C or B2C, are constantly looking for extending their marketing channels to serve their customers on their desired channels and well as generate incremental revenue. As more and more buyers migrate on online buying, delivering that ideal experience is becoming even more important.

Keeping up with the expectations of modern-day buyers, Ecommerce has evolved into Experience-driven commerce, providing customers with personalized, immersive experiences across any channel, any time. Sellers and brands who are able to provide a holistic buying experience are able to successfully convert browsers into buyers. This is made possible due to the emergence of technologies that combine data from multiple sources with a variety of content to deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels.

Experience extends beyond websites and covers devices like beacons, wearables, IoT, holograms etc. and also touchpoints like social, games etc. Today’s shoppers expect more, and Experience-Driven Commerce is the answer.

The traditional way of setting up a commerce website and expecting buyers to find their way through it no longer sufficient. Verticurl is helping brands with establishing, operating and optimizing their eCommerce business through:

Technology Platforms Build and Operation

Finding the right technology platform that not only meets your current needs but can also scale as you grow is immensely important. Further, there are decisions to be made around cloud vs. on-premise, headless deployment, etc. that can have a long-term impact on scalability and ROI.

We will help you identify, select & design your eCommerce technology stack from the ground up. Our team is also fully conversant in deployment of your preferred eCommerce tech stack and also specializes in integration with content, channels, analytics, ERP etc.

Our partnership with leading technology vendors such as Adobe, Salesforce and commercetools will help you fast-track your deployment.

Verticurl’s large team of certified resources can help you manage your Ecommerce operations seamlessly. Our managed care model offers an alternative to expensive full-time staff or high-priced consulting firms, takes charge of your tech stack operations, campaigns & content assets. We can also deliver reporting & performance analysis of your inbound, outbound, digital media, social media and marketplace campaigns.

Customer Journey Design

Designing the ideal buyer’s path to purchase can either lead to a closed sale or an abandoned cart. Today’s customers are demanding and are looking for the right content and tools to help with their purchase. We will work with you to identify use cases & map out your eCommerce journeys. We can also design personalized and customized experiences as per your eCommerce journey.

Campaign Planning & Media Execution

Managing a high volume of campaigns for a large number of segments and presenting them personalized offers is challenging for most organizations. Our experienced campaign and media planners will be act as an extension of your marketing teams to take the load off you. Our digital media team, we can drive the right people to your eCommerce experiences. Our end to end media practice includes everything from campaign planning to reporting insights and optimization.

Commerce Consulting

Whether you are an established business or have embarked upon digital transformation journey, you are likely facing a variety of challenges that are stopping you from meeting your full potential. These challenges can typically be addressed through benchmarking, adoption of best practices, adding strategic tools, data analytics etc.

Our team will work with you to assess and map out your ecommerce maturity based on current state and develop customized roadmap in the areas of data, technology, conversion, analytics, channels, media, CX, people and processes to assist you to reach to higher levels of maturity.

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