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Marketers are being constantly challenged to engage their prospects throughout the buying cycle with compelling and targeted communications across multiple touch points. Marketing automation platforms are key enablers in their journey towards measurable pipeline contribution and impact on ROI.

For most organizations, the first year after launching a new marketing automation platform is both exciting and intimidating. All eyes are on you to make use of your new technology as soon as possible and produce quantifiable results. After your first year, expectations rise. You need to extend the platform, incorporate new systems, and take advantage of the tool’s full functionality. This is easier said than done unless you have experience and manpower. Verticurl helps you develop achievable demand generation roadmaps that are customized to your organization’s needs and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your marketing automation investment.

Traditional email marketing platforms are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Modern marketers are switching to more robust, full-featured demand generation solutions that not only assist in identifying new leads, but also deliver the right message at the right time, resulting in increased conversion.With each new implementation of your marketing automation platform (MAP), the Verticurl team completes the following:

Business Process Review:

A review of your current marketing operations to map your existing systems to your MAP instance.

Gap Analysis:

In conjunction with your business process review, the Verticurl team identifies gaps in your process and makes recommendations for remediation.

Rapid Deployment:

By using implementation methodology, Verticurl can implement demand generation platforms in days, not months.

CRM Integration:

The only way to get a single view of customer data is by properly integrating your marketing automation platform with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Verticurl supports integration with, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle On Demand, Pivotal, and non-standard CRM applications.

Documentation and Training:

After your implementation is complete, we'll supply your team with documentation on your marketing automations deployment and transfer knowledge to ensure that your team's transition is seamless.

Managed Care Marketing Automation:

Managed Care from Verticurl is the most affordable option for extending your marketing organization and maximizing your investment. Our unique delivery model offers an alternative to expensive full-time staff or high-priced consulting firms. Verticurl’s large team of certified resources can help you create email templates, PURL pages, scoring and nurturing programs, reports, and other critical components in your marketing automation instance at a cost that’s affordable for most budgets.

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