Businesses are increasingly facing challenges in adoption of best practices in modern marketing. These challenges arise from a multitude of factors, with the main ones being:

  1. Customers have come to expect a lot from the brands they do business with. This includes the expectations that organizations would know their stated and implied needs, respect their communication preferences and most importantly, deliver a compelling experience with the right content/offers at the right time and through the right channels.

  2. A mind-boggling array of technology solutions are positioning themselves to solve all sorts of sales and marketing issues. Many of these tools have overlapping functionalities and a lot of them over-promise and under-deliver.

  3. There’s a severe shortage of talent and expertise in the area of technology enables marketing. Companies continue to struggle to find the right resources which can help them deliver the ideal customer experience.

Common Issues Faced by Organizations:

  •   Developing a global operations organization to centralize "people, process and technology"

  •   Gaps or inconsistencies in process and system documentation and adoption – minimal governance procedures

  •   Increasing amount of "shelf ware" - systems aren’t being utilized

  •   Misalignment or lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities within marketing

  •   Lack of strategy or documentation around the customer lifecycle, and technology alignment

  •   Heavily dependent on manual procedures to segment data and report on campaign performance

  •   Gaps in platforms to manage the full digital customer journey

Our MarTech 360 initiative helps companies navigate the complexities of modern marketing and help them get the most out of their investment in marketing technologies.

What is MarTech 360?

  •   A set of integrated marketing services built upon our deep understanding of the MarTech/AdTech ecosystem

  •   Enable businesses develop a strategic roadmap, build MarTech stack, operate, track, manage and optimize

  •   Closing the loop between marketing stakeholders, platform vendors, CMO objectives and end customer expectations

  •   Tailored roadmaps that strike a balance between quick wins and meeting long term strategic objectives

  •   Support throughout the lifecycle – ensure the stack delivers intended outcomes

  •   Ongoing enhancements to meet the emerging demands from stakeholders

Helping clients throughout the marketing lifecycle while always focusing on meeting their marketing goals.
Enable better marketing returns through technology by providing coverage across all customer channels and touchpoints.

What's the Value

  •   In a time where AdTech and MarTech are converging, many organizations are uncertain whether the tools implemented align to business requirements and can enable a fully integrated customer journey

  •   Verticurl’s MarTech 360 documents an organization’s current state of marketing processes and technologies, while highlighting gaps within infrastructure, campaigns and data used to communicate to prospects and customers

  •   The output is a tailored roadmap that strikes a balance between quick wins and meeting long term strategic objectives that streamline the client’s marketing technology stack aligned to the customer lifecycle and ensure the stack delivers intended outcomes

  •   Beyond the roadmap, Verticurl’s expertise can be tapped into for delivering campaign operations, conversion rate optimization, marketing analytics across all the digital touchpoints.

Our Methodology

Case Study – A Leading Networking Platform

After completing client's current state analysis, our team identified several key gaps where the Global Marketing Organization will focus efforts - resulting in a more rewarding user experience.

Develop and document one central marketing technology process & steering committee for requesting tech/process enhancements or additions

System recommendations to centralize client's process for prioritizing and resourcing projects

Implement solution and develop training to centralize communication for marketing campaign development and execution

Adopt best practices and training to fully utilize Kapost as a content management platform

Centralize marketing technology and enhancements request process

Integrate marketing attribution platform to automate MAP and CRM data and perform attribution analysis

Recommend funnel analysis tools show lead conversion velocity, monitor SLA performance and also help with forecasting pipeline

Implement testing & optimization platform for digital experience personalization

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