Generating qualified and high-quality leads is vital for business growth. While digital channels are good at delivering a high quantity of leads, it is telemarketing that ensures quality.

Sales and marketing organizations often have an understanding of who their target audience should be but face challenges when trying to reach them – mainly due to poor data quality.

Verticurl's telemarketing and research services assist in acquiring and qualification of leads, building targeted lists or enriching your existing data. We can also help you in identifying the right profile of customers to target. We have a team of experienced in-country native telemarketers and profilers across APAC who work in synergy to generate high quality and effective leads.

Our Telemarketers Core Expertise:

Lead identification / Qualification / Generation / Lead Assignment

Once you identify leads/prospects, we pass them through a qualification process using Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline (BANT) criteria to develop sales-accepted leads (SALs) and route them to a sales rep for follow up. Script Modification, Mock Role Play, Training and Data extraction are some key requirements in successfully achieving KPI for this core expertise.

Tele Nurture

This process re-engages 'warm' customers who may need more time to make a purchase decision. We re-qualify customers using BANT criteria, focusing on needs and timeline, and nurture them over a designated period of time to help lead them to purchase. Experience in MQL generation (Post/ Pre Qualification), Long-term engagement, script modification, Contact history data extraction (CRM) are some pre requisites of this tactic.

Appointment Setting

After appropriately qualifying leads and identifying their key requirements, our agents serve as mediators to set up appointments between sales reps (ISR's) and contacts. These SAL leads are then routed to sales for immediate follow up to be converted to SQL.

Contact Acquisition / List Building

We help you build a list of priority companies/contact information using web research, including local search sites and SNS (social network site) research. Acquisition of email addresses will be done though Verticurl’s teleservices to ensure contacts acquired are valid.

Contact Enrichment / Account Profiling / Appending

We combine web, SNS and tele data append to map organizations and enhance and enrich the reach and quality of data by profiling and updating all missing contact/company information. We verify 100 percent of the data acquired through our web and tele research to ensure information is current and contact is valid.

Opt In / Campaign follow-ups

For relevant regions, we make opt-in calls to ensure that customers have agreed to receive communications, for markets with DNC (Do Not Call) law. We also make campaign calls after sending emails to follow up with contacts who have displayed a high level of engagement.

Event RSVP

We can build a list for you or straight away call your designated contacts to inform, invite and register prospects/ customers for an event. We also make follow-up calls to get feedback and BANT qualify attendees after the event.

Surveys / Polls / Questionnaires

Using surveys, polls, and questionnaires, we can gather key background information and customer insights from your target audience, helping us further classify them and customize messaging accordingly.

Inside Sales

Using key contact's digital body language, past purchases and previous engagement with client's representatives, we can qualify contact based on BANT and close the deal if contact is ready to purchase. This lead is then passed on as a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) to our customer's sales team and the status is updated on Customer's CRM platform as opportunity won.

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