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Hi-Tech, IT, Hardware, Software, SaaS industry paper

This paper focuses on Hi Tech, SaaS and Software industry insights and best practices.

Verticurl Insights

  • Email is still the most common and effective channel
  • Webinars are effective for mid/bottom funnel conversions
  • Opportunity to fully utilize MarTech tools for better ROI
  • Sales-marketing alignment is a continuous journey
  • Content marketing essential for long sales cycle products

Industry Best Practices

  • Data quality and freshness are vital for a healthy pipeline
  • Coordination between inbound and outbound channels
  • Automation of event campaigns delivers performance uplift
  • Account Based Marketing allows B2B marketers to target their best customers
  • Uncover your customer’s pain points through journey mapping
  • Lead funnel optimization is key to success

Lead Funnel Management

Top-funnel:Focus on data quality, contactacquisition / replenishment, customer journeys, engagement plan, personas and segmentation.

Mid-funnel:Lead qualification criteria, SLA,Automation Qualified Leads (AQL), Nurtureprogression, lead leakages, conversion rate.

Bottom-funnel: Funnel velocity, BANTqualification, marketing generated vs. marketing influenced leads, lead recycle nurturing.

MarTech Solutions

Key Marketing Channels

EMAIL: Email is still the most effective and popular channel for tech marketing. Personalization is key.

SOCIAL: Social media is a supplementary channel for content marketing and is effective for bottom-funnel leads.

EVENTS: Events and webinars deliver high quality leads. Opportunity to further engage registrants/attendees.

SEARCH: Paid and organic search strategy needs to be aligned with the overall campaign calendar for best results.

MOBILE: Mobile is a powerful alternative to emails in certain markets. SMS and WhatsApp are popular apps.

DISPLAY: Display Ads, powered by DMP, allow marketers to reach unknown audience. Also effective for event campaigns.

Customer Journeys

Key Metrics



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