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How a cloud computing and hosting company elevated their global partner program

How a cloud computing and hosting company elevated their global partner program

Verticurl helped a leading provider of cloud computing services take their global partner program to the next level.

The Challenges

The client recognized the need to provide their partners with enhanced marketing support because:

  • Market Development Funds (MDF) was not efficiently utilized and tracked
  • Partners lacked sufficient database and quality leads
  • No tracking of Partner pipeline
  • Lack of marketing support and expertise

Verticurl’s Solution

Partner Concierge Support

  • Manage and engage the partners’ prospects, track leads and report on campaign metrics and milestones
  • Help Partners familiarize with the campaigns and guide them on the campaign briefs
  • Follow up with Partners to ensure leads are accepted and updated
  • Assist in developing and delivering training curriculum for upskilling partners on best-practices in marketing

Database Acquisition

  • Develop prospect list for Partners based on the agreed criteria
  • Provide tele-verification and opt-ins on the acquired contact list

Lead Generation

  • Provide omni-channel lead generation services including email, social, digital media telemarketing
  • Design and execute campaigns on behalf of partner
  • Deliver BANT qualified leads based on agreed criteria

Partner Concierge Tools

  • Developing partner concierge tools such as Partner NDA, Partner Lead Tracker, etc., to accelerate the partner onboarding process


The ongoing partner concierge program has delivered impressive results in a short time span

  • 50+ tier 1 partners onboarded
  • Complete visibility on contact acquisition and lead generation
  • Transparency in the utilization of MDF
  • Healthy partner-generated lead pipeline
  • Accepted 25 leads
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