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Verticurl Insights

  • International students in the APAC region tend to engage education agents to help them through the university application and acceptance
  • Social media is an important channel in which students leverage on to find out more information
  • Influencer marketing generates 11 times the ROI of traditional digital marketing
  • Education industry behaves a lot like a B2B industry

Industry Best Practices

  • Engagement needs to be “Mobile-first”
  • Influencer marketing is an essential part of the strategy
  • Omni-channel marketing is essential to deliver an outstanding brand experience
  • Due to the different channel preferences in different countries or regions, you need to map student journey with locally relevant channels
  • Single view of customers is vital as your students engage with you through a myriad of channels

Students Experience Management

DISCOVER: Raise awareness of the benefits of pursuing higher education

RESEARCH: Ensure that information on the school and courses is available when the students need it

COMPARE: Highlighting the university’s competitive advantages and helping students to narrow down their choices

APPLICATION: Ensure that the application process is clear, guiding applicants along the process

ACCEPTANCE: Convince students to choose the university and accept the offer

EXPERIENCE: Onboarding and retaining the students, providing them a smooth transition into a new environment

MarTech Solutions

Key Marketing Channels

SOCIAL: Social media is an important channel that greatly influence how the students choose their preferred university

MOBILE: Mobile has become an integral part of everyday life, hence our digital strategy needs to be mobile first

EVENTS: Events such as roadshows and webinars offer the opportunity for more personal engagement with the students

INFLUENCER: 92% of consumers have a higher level of trust for social influencers whom they can relate to and hence value their opinion more

ONLINE FORUM: Online forums are a great place to provide helpful content when the student needs it most

EMAIL: Email is the preferred channel for communication when the student is ready to engage with the university

EDUCATION AGENT: International students engage with an agent to help them navigate the complexities of the application and acceptance process

SEARCH: Search strategy should align with the stages in the student journey

TELETele provides the push to get students to apply for the university or to accept the offer

Student Journey – A Sample

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