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How chatbots can drive lead acquisition

Chatbots have gained traction in all kinds of operations, from service bot for Healthcare to recommendations bot for E-commerce, they are everywhere. In this article, we’ll focus on the B2B lead acquisition aspect of the chatbot.

4 reasons why you should use a Chatbot for lead acquisition

Chatbots allow you to engage customers with your brand through the ease of use, unrivaled support, and on-demand access to information. These are perfect for collecting customer information and moving customers down the sales funnel:

  1. A chatbot makes your brand available whenever a customer needs something, they may be in a different time zone or want to reach out past work hours.

  2. Offering engaging, informative product information through your chatbot will keep people on your landing page longer.

  3. Chatbots can converse with visitors on your website. It can handle many of the preliminary questions and when the bot doesn’t know the answer, it passes the query to live support.

  4. The fact that Chatbots are powered by AI and natural language processing (NLP) means they’re able to use specific context to make each interaction unique to the customer involved.

Customer journey – lead acquisition via Chatbot

A documented user flow with connected touchpoints, a question series that can be personalized with lead’s intent and integration with the MarTech stack are key for the customer journey.


Before you start building a lead acquisition Chatbot, you need to make sure you have a plan to tackle various challenges which you’ll face once your bot is ready:

  1. Initial training required: Before integrating the bot on your site, it has to be trained on the queries handled by sales/marketing and assign responses to these

  2. Language Barrier: Chatbot may encounter instances where it won’t pick up on the language of your customer. Individuals use terms and keywords that may imply things your Chatbot knows about, but in a way that your Chatbot isn’t used to.

  3. Complex Queries: When it comes to complex tasks, Chatbot may not be the go-to channel of communication, however, a Chatbot can be designed to pass on the query to a sales representative.

Other use cases:

  1. Sales assistant: Integrated to your CRM system, Chatbot can notify sales personnel when they are assigned opportunities, simplifying lead creation and updates

  2. Recommending new offers: Recommending the right products to the customer based on her verbal feedback

  3. 24 hours sales support: Answer basic queries related to products & services for user’s in any time zone irrespective of working hours of the business

  4. Lead Scoring: Integrated with the Marketing Automation platform, bots can identify your most engaged and active users who are more likely to convert.


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