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Customer data platform

The concept of Customer Data Platform (CDP) has picked up traction over the past year and increasingly there are more companies looking to CDP to help them run more relevant marketing campaigns using the large volume of customer data they have.

So what exactly is a CDP?

Visualization on how a CDP works

Gartner defines CDP as an integrated customer database managed by marketers that unifies a company’s customer data from online and offline channels to enable modeling and drive customer experience.

How Can A CDP Help Marketers?

  1. Single Customer View

    Unifying data from both online and offline sources into a single profile, creating a comprehensive and persistent view of customers not previously available to marketers.
  2. Digital Ad Effectiveness

    Reduce ad waste via enabling intelligent frequency capping, detailed attribution, suppression and optimal media mix modeling by receiving real-time visibility and ownership of every digital ad impression.
  3. Real-Time Personalization

    Enhancing customer experience by personalizing interactions across channels and the optimization of existing marketing technology investments.
  4. Cross-Channel Analytics

    Leveraging on the insights into the performance throughout the customer journey across multiple channels and devices to optimize revenue and drive loyalty over time.

How Verticurl Can Help

  1. Technical Implementation

    Verticurl helps companies to integrate CDP with other data source systems, identifying the data types and connection methods and storing the data in CDP.
  2. Data Services

    To be able to use a CDP effectively, Verticurl can help with data cleaning, standardization, enhancement and connecting data that relates to the same entity to build a single view of the customer.
  3. Developing Strategies

    Verticurl runs analysis on CDP to draw insights for developing personas, identifying segments and developing seamless, targeted omni-channel campaigns.
  4. Measure & Optimize

    Verticurl measures results against KPIs, identify areas of improvement and continuously optimize.

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