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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry Paper

#Industry Insights

This paper focuses on consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry insights and best practices.

Verticurl Insights

  • Existing customers are 4X more likely to purchase than prospects.
  • Loyalty program can improve customer satisfaction by 25%
  • Behavior-based triggered segmentation drive 2x/3x higher response rates
  • Campaign optimization can lead to double digit increase in campaign ROI
  • Campaign personalization can lead to 6X increase in campaign performance


Industry Best Practices

  • Focus on CX - how consumers engage with you, their buying journey and touchpoints
  • Targeted, personalized experiences are created based on a deep understanding of customer personas
  • Omni-channel, integrated experiences provide double digit increase in responses
  • Engagement plan needs to be "Mobile-first"
  • Short videos have the highest engagement rates across all content types
  • Loyalty programs and retention activities drive 20-30% uplift in revenue
  • Respect customer privacy, and comply with privacy rules in different markets

Customer Experience Management

Awareness & Consideration: Persona  development, search optimization, social media engagement, media targeting & optimization.

Engage & Influence: Influencer marketing, peer review, remarketing, search optimization, social  media engagement & trial promotions.

Purchase & Transaction: Online merchandising, in-store digital display/promotion, location based  promotion, promotion personalization & chatbot.

Nurture & Re-engage: Welcome/onboarding campaign, NPS campaign, customer delight  experiences.

Loyalty & Advocacy: Churn management,  loyalty programs, upsell and cross-sell  promotions.



MarTech Solutions

cpg martech solutions

Key Marketing Initiatives


SEARCH: Search strategy should align with the stages in the customer journey. Search retargeting can provide a substantial uplift to campaign response rates.

WEBSITE/MICROSITE: Sites play an important role as the hub of customer engagements. Web traffic analysis can provide deep insights while LP optimization can provide significant uplifts to campaigns numbers.

SOCIAL: Integrated organic and paidsocial media marketing, including social retargetingneeds to be included in a campaign, especially for prospect acquisition.

ECOMMERCE: Optimization of ecommerce sites and use of triggered, personalized remarketing campaigns based on behaviour on these sites are hugely important in effective customer engagement.

DISPLAY: Display Ads, powered by DMP, allow marketers to deliver powerful experiences by combining personalized messages through their preferred channels.

IN-STORE: Cross-channel purchase tracking and engagement using in-store options and location based targeting are important.


MOBILE: Mobile has become the default channel of internet access, so our digital strategy needs to be mobile first.

EMAIL: Email can be used as a powerful real-time personalized channel of communication.


AI: AI can be used to power various facets, including targeting, content, campaign optimization and engagement channels like chatbot.

Sample Automated Customer Journeys Powered by MarTech


Key Metrics