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How a High Tech Company Re-Engineered Their Marketing Efforts Into A Demand Generation Engine

The Challenges

The Marketing Leaders realized that there were significant issues across their funnel management processes and teams:

  • Each market runs in a silo
  • Database is siloed, across functions and teams
  • Ineffective communication with customers
  • Low visibility to marketing returns
  • Sales and marketing teams are not aligned

Verticurl’s Solution

Verticurl worked on a regional and in-market engagement model to drive close alignment across teams as well as to help localize plans and campaigns based on each team’s requirements

  • Set up an integrated regional demand center to coordinate and centralize planning across region
  • Operationalize Demand Waterfall by clearly defining and measuring each funnel stages
  • Enables greater visibility into marketing and sales funnel
  • Leverage on their MarTeach stack and telemarketing to improve overall lead


  1. Internal processes

    • Standardization of lead definition and SLAs across marketing, Tele and Sales functions. As a result, sales and marketing teams are more aligned. Sales acceptance rate has doubled from less than 40% to over 70%
  2. Campaign deployment and optimization to improve customer engagement

    • 2-fold increase in campaign volume with a 4-fold increase in campaign engagement metrics
  3. Ability to deliver against opportunity targets, and track and optimize through the funnel performance

    • 8-fold increase in marketing contribution to sales in 3 years
  4. Improved funnel performance:

    • 8% increase in Sales Ready Opportunities
    • 293% increase in Sales Qualified Opportunities
    • 114% increase in Sales Acceptance Conversion