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5 Ways to enhance insurance customer loyalty via marketing automation

While the adoption of Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) is steadily on the rise in the insurance industry, most companies are content with utilizing just the basic features. That leaves a lot of room for modern marketers to shift gears and get more value out of their investment. Here are five ways insurance companies can enhance customer experience and loyalty through MAP.

  1. Remember them on their special days

    By the nature of their business, insurance companies are guaranteed to have the birth dates of their customers on their records. An automated triggered message wishing them a happy birthday and thanking them for their support is an easy solution and will go a long way towards building loyalty. Make it even more personalized by including the benefits they are getting from their policies.

  2. Nurture them through to policy renewal

    One of the challenges experienced by insurance companies is high attrition for certain policies that are not renewed automatically. Instead of sending a plain reminder to renew their policy, why not send them a series of messages starting well before the due date. These could include things like policy coverage, real-life case studies, benefit calculators, etc.

  3. Remind them to utilize their benefits

    Some insurance policies come with benefits such as free health checks etc. but a lot of them never get used. A proactive reminder – automated in MAP based on product features and eligibility – of expiring benefits will not only help the customers but will also enhance the brand’s image in their eyes.

  4. Automated claim status update

    Waiting for confirmation of their claims is perhaps one of the most stressful times insurance customers experience. Instead of them having to call frequently to check status, a more proactive approach – sending an update via SMS, email or mobile push – would demonstrate urgency and care from the company.

  5. Tie browsing behavior to triggered cross sell message

    Customers browsing web pages on the company website not related to their policy is a good indicator of their readiness to explore other products offered by the brand. Funneling this behavior into a triggered message with a special offer or limited time discount will accelerate the buyer journey and create more loyalty towards the brand.


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