#Demand Generation

Increase B2B demand with these advanced strategies

You can have a marketing campaign that is creative, interesting, and eye-catching. However, if it does not lead to demand generation you might as well chunk the campaign into the trashcan. A marketing strategy that does not provide tangible results for the client is as good as no strategy.

Convert Tactics Into Strategy

One issue we have observed with ineffective campaigns is that they focus more on the tactics than on a strategy. Tactics are isolated pieces of action: a catchy subject line, social media posts, a whitepaper. Strategy demands that you tie all your tactics together in one bundle, and use that to deliver quantum leap in the lead pipeline.

Three Advanced Strategies for B2B Demand Generation

These strategies – used separately or in coordination – should improve B2B demand generation:

  • Develop different content for different stages of the sales funnel.

    Content is the one constant spread across the sales and marketing channels. Content needs to differ based on the stage of prospects in the buying journey and their industry vertical. Present your audience with different offers across these verticals and tailor the call-to-action accordingly. Without quality content driving the strategy it is virtually impossible to get concrete returns from either lead generation or lead nurturing.

  • Tele Nurturing

    Very different from the email-based lead nurturing, Tele Nurture involves a longer lead term follow up process by tele agents with product and domain expertise. This is a very effective way of addressing post-MQL leads that were not converted by Sales. To be effective, Tele Nurturing strategy needs to be baked into the campaign plan, especially for those designed to generate high-value leads.

  • Programmatic Display Advertising

    Use look-alike modeling to create a list of businesses based on demographic criteria that matches your best customers. Next, target these businesses with online display advertising. Give your prospects a teaser of what you are offering in terms of content or solution related to their business challenges. Make the display ads relevant to the industry and then funnel the click-throughs to the campaign landing pages. You may also choose to drive them to your social networks and engage them there.


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