#Campaign Strategy

How to create a behavior driven multi-touch campaign that delivers sales ready leads

So now that you have your marketing automation tool ready, what’s next? Having an effective behavioral driven multi-touch campaign helps you shorten lead time by delivering sales-ready leads.

Would you like to be able to improve your lead conversion ratio? Here is an approach taken to design a multi-touch renewal program that has:

  • Shorten the lead time from 7 days to deliver sales-ready leads in 4 hours

  • Bypass the need for manual intervention

  • Achieve a lead conversion rate of 40%

In designing a multi-touch campaign, it is important to first identify the various touchpoints in the customer’s buying journey. Understanding the various pain points at each stage helps you gain insights from the perspective of a customer, marketer and sales rep.

Are you targeting the right customer with the appropriate content type? How many and what types of questions are you asking your customer? What qualification processes are in place? Are your sales rep rejecting the leads because there is a misalignment between marketing and sales?

Through customer segmentation, you will be able to effectively reach out to the right audience. Next, provide a seamless experience by asking only for relevant details from your customer. There has to be an agreement between sales and marketing on what constitutes a lead. After which, eliminate unnecessary steps in the process to shorten lead time.

To reap the full benefits of a marketing automation tool, it is necessary to understand how it can be leveraged in your various marketing campaigns. Employ it not merely as a tool, but an extension to your team to drive sales-ready leads.


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